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Intermodal: We’ll get it there. Anywhere.

Turn to Exactdirect for intermodal—or rail plus truck service—and you’ll create efficiencies in your supply chain. Have an unusual shipping need? Want greener miles? Need a lower-cost alternative to traditional truck transportation? We’re your go-to provider for difficult shipping needs—or when you have a one-time, out-of-the-ordinary freight situation. We’ll do whatever it takes to get your highly-sensitive cargo from land to sea to sky.

What sets Exactdirect apart:

We’re connected: We’ll hire the professionals and organizations needed to make your shipping a success—and we’ll get the lowest rate possible.
We know railroad: We have strong relationships with the industry’s best suppliers so you’ll always get the equipment you need.
We’re strategic: We’ll meet your requirements by combining rates, service, trailer sizes and modes to come up with the best solution.
We’re transparent: You’ll have the tools you need to keep track of your shipment—from beginning to end.
We’re fast: When you say “I need it here,” we’ll get it there as quick as possible.
We’re experts: Our highly trained and experienced staff will handle all the details, from pickup to delivery to storage and everything in-between to ensure seamless transportation.

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