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Expedited transport: 60 hours. Coast to coast.

[Team Service] Exactdirect has the largest resource of team truck drivers in the industry. No other shipping solution company can take your load farther, faster. The business logic is clear. When your shipment is dispatched and delivered safely and on time, you look good.

Here’s what sets Exactdirect apart:

We’re fast: We can travel 1,100 miles in 24 hours because of our team-driving approach. We want long haul. In fact, the longer the better.
We’re flexible: We provide supply chain flexibility to shippers. And we can flex to accommodate capacity needs during peak shipping seasons.
We’re security-focused: That’s especially important for High Value Products. Because we team drive around-the-clock, you can always count on one driver to be with the truck.
We’re Hazmat-certified: Most of our competitors aren’t. Most of our drivers are.
We’re debt-free: Because we’re financially strong, we can make the necessary investments in people and equipment to best serve you. And because we’re stable, you count on us to be here for the long haul.

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